Download TutuApp for iOS & Android

TutuApp is one of the most popular third-party app stores that supports both iOS and Android operating systems. Tutuapp contains a large number of free and paid apps that not available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Why do we need Tutuapp helper? In simply, apps in the Apple App Store has restrictions, limitations and particular rules to be followed.

If you really need to go through these limitations, you need to jailbreak your iOS device using a particular jailbreak toolkit. Jailbreaking may cost your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device's software warranty. The main reason why you should use Tutu App is instead of jailbreaking the iDevice, you can install jailbreak apps without jailbreaking the device.

As of now, Tutuapp supports both iOS and Android so, if you're an Android user, you can download TutuApp APK on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Why TutuApp Helper?

With rapid technology growth, mobile devices are also coming with many advanced features. Apple is one of the leading software and hardware manufacturers in the market. Most people tend to buy an Apple device because of its high performance, reliability, security, rich user experience and advance application accessibility. And there are many more reasons for mobile device users to go for Apple devices.

But due to security reasons, Apple has imposed some security restrictions over its devices. If you have an Apple iDevice, you may already know about these boundaries. So apple will not give its users root access of the device and also user will not be able to install any external app which is not verified by apple. And also users can not install apps outside of apple app store. So if you have a stock iDevice you may have to stick to standard features and apps provided by apple.

There are many third-party advanced apps coming for apple devices. But due to apple's standards and their restrictions you can not have these awesome apps in your apple device. With some of these apps and tweaks, you can customize device's appearance, theme, and icons.

And also you can enable extra features in your iDevice which will not be supported by the app store. There are some ways to override apple security restrictions and install these awesome apps to an Apple device.

TutuApp iOS

Jailbreaking is one of the most popular ways to install these third-party apps into an apple device. Jailbreaking process will override security restrictions and gives root access to any app. If you are jailbreaking an iOS device you should have a third-party app store to install these third-party apps. Cydia is one of the best third-party app repositories. Cydia will support jailbroken devices as well as non-jailbroken devices.

Another best and latest way to install these third-party apps is through the TutuApp helper. TutuApp is a third-party mobile app repository which has a vast collection of latest mobile apps. And the specialty of this app manager is that it supports both Apple and Android devices.

If you are an iDevice user, you do not need to jailbreak your device to have this app. You can install many useful advanced unique third-party apps through the TutuApp. There are many advantages coming with both TutuApp iOS and TutuApp Android versions.

How to Install TutuApp on Apple Devices?

By following below mentioned steps you can download TutuApp into your apple device. You need to cover all steps to install TutuApp. If you did not follow 3rd and later steps in below mentioned instructions, you will get "Untrusted Developers" Message. and you will not be able to open the TutuApp iOS. So you have to complete all the steps to have working Tutu App store.

  • On your Apple iOS device, open Safari browser then visit tutuapp official website or

  • Tap on "Download TutuApp" button to download tutuapp iOS version.

  • Allow all prompting messages shown as the below image then tutuapp will be installed on your iOS device.

  • Once you try to open the installed application, a security warning will pop up saying "Untrusted Enterprise Developer". To fix this issue.

  • Go to Settings > General > Device Management then look for the newly installed TutuApp installation profile.

  • Tap on that profile and install profile from the developer to run the TutuApp. You can find your device UUID from this profile.

  • Then you can run the Tutu App and log into Tutu Account.

With all the mentioned information you can get and use Tutu App on your device.

Tutu App System Requirements

  • TutuApp requires 30MB Free space in your device storage.

  • TutuApp supports iOS 7 to the latest version of iOS (iOS 13). VIP version is available only for Apple devices.

TutuApp users can signup with TutuApp. TutuApp VIP users can link registered account with their subscription.

Main Features of TutuApp

  • Tutu App is easy to download and install. If you are installing TutuApp to your device, you do not need to follow many steps and processes before the installation process. You can directly download TutuApp into your device. And you do not need to use a computer to install TutuApp iOS into your Apple device.
  • TutuApp helper provides its users to download and install paid apps into their mobile devices for free. This feature is totally free and mobile users can have advanced VIP version apps in their devices for free. And another remarkable thing is that these apps won't have any expiration date.
  • Compatible with almost all android and apple devices and almost all of the operating system versions running on those devices. This app is compatible with many Apple devices as well as android devices. Currently, most apple jailbreak tools are only working on up to A12 chipset devices. But TutuApp does not have any limitation.
  • No need to jailbreak or root Android to use TutuApp helper. If you have an Apple device you do not need to jailbreak your Apple device to install TutuApp iOS. And also you do not need jailbreak to use TutuApp iOS version. There are plenty of apps which will not require your device to be jailbroken.
  • TutuApp has the best user experience and users can easily download and install any app they need. Tutu App has app filtering and search options.
  • With TutuApp helper, you can have multiple instances of the same app the same time in your mobile device. For example, you can have the same social media app with multiple instances. So you can use different user credentials and log into multiple user accounts in the same platform using these multiple instances feature.
  • TutuApp will not consume larger space in the mobile device storage. It's a lightweight app and it is coming with native device cleaner.
  • TutuApp supports Wifi file transfer between Apple and Android. So you can send a file from Apple to Android or you can receive a file from Android to Apple.
  • TutuApp has advanced versions of mobile game apps. You can install game hacks for free.
  • No Advertisements popping up inside this App. Even in the free version, you will not see advertisements.

Problems and issues coming with TutuApp

  • TutuApp is not an official app and you won't find much support for any issue which will happen in your device or TutuApp. Anyway, you can uninstall TutuApp anytime you need.

  • TutuApp helper has a large collection of third-party external apps which will not available in the regular app store. And TutuApp will not guarantee about its apps. So sometimes there will be some security issues due to unknown external apps. So make sure about third-party external apps you install.

  • If you are an Apple device user and if you install TutuApp, you are violating their privacy policy and you might not be able to get apple support in technical issues. But TutuApp can be uninstalled instantly. So if you have any issue like that you can directly uninstall Tutu App.

  • There are many sources to download TutuApp and if you are going to install this app, you may have to search for a reliable source. Sometimes some of these sources might contain malware with their Tutu App installation file. So with these kinds of installation files, your mobile device will get infected and sometimes your private data might get exposed to third-parties. So download TutuApp from a reliable source.

  • Sometimes apple revokes certificates on these third-party installed apps. So if you have installed third-party apps and apple revoked certificates, you can not open those installed apps. And you may not be able to open apps installed with TutuApp. So then you have to uninstall all those apps and do the certificate verification again and reinstall them back.

Popular Apps You Can get with TutuApp Installer

Things you should Know about TutuApp

  • Tutu App will not provide auto-update feature or update notifications for apps. So TutuApp users need to install the latest update manually.

  • Tutu App supports many languages including English, Vietnamese, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian.

  • Sometimes TutuApp helper will not work, Because Apple sometimes revokes Tutuapp certificate. All apps, tweaks, and games installed using TutuApp will begin to crash.