iOS 13 Jailbreak

Apple is planning to release the next major version of the Apple mobile operating system, iOS 13 with many new advanced features and remarkable improvements. If you are an Apple iDevice user, you can experience many new features and improvements with this major update.

Speed and optimization improvements are a major turning point in iOS 13. When you update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the 13th update, you can experience speed improvements with optimizations. With this major iOS update, Apple has improved its device speed remarkably.

Download Cydia for iOS 13 Easily

Now you can install Cydia for iOS 13 from here. So you can have the latest iOS version with Cydia. Just tap the download button below and see the difference.

iOS 13 Device Compatibility

iOS 13 has been designed to work on these device models. Unfortunately, Apple has dropped out devices with Apple A8 chip and earlier devices along with devices running on 1 GB of RAM. In addition to these devices, 13th iOS version won't support iPhone 5S and the 6th Generation iPod touch.

At the moment, iOS & iPadOS 13 Beta 4 is only available for Apple developer account holder and the iOS & iPadOS 13 SDK support developers to develop apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices on iOS & iPadOS 13. All the registered developers can download iOS 13 and iPadOS beta profiles from Apple's Developer Center and update beta 4 over-the-air when the profile is installed.

How To Install iOS 13 Developer Beta

Installing a beta profile has always been a controversial matter. Because the beta profile offers both negative and positive effects for its users as it is still in the developing stage. However, it is better to check the iOS in its beta stage before downloading and establishing it on your device permanently. Therefore, make a complete backup of your iOS device using iTunes before downloading any of the beta profiles.

Install iOS 13 beta using iTunes

  • Step 01: Visit the Apple Developer Program website from your Mac and click on the Discover tab

  • Step 01: Click on of the operating system button you want to install Beta then click Download

  • Step 02: Provide your developer account's username and password and log in

  • Step 03: Go to the 13 beta section then Download Restore Images

  • Step 04: Click on the iOS restore image according to your iDevice model

  • Step 05: Click Applications at the top

  • Step 06: Go to Xcode 11 and click on the Download button

  • Step 07: Wait for installation

  • Step 08: Open iTunes > Connect your iPhone > Click the iPhone icon > Click Check for Update while pressing the Option key on your keyboard

  • Step 09: Click on Downloads in iTunes > Click the restore image > Click Open

  • Step 10: Now, beta profile will be installed on your iOS device
  • Install iOS 13 beta using a Profile

  • Step 01: Visit through your iPhone > Tap the Discover tab

  • Step 02: Tap on of the operating system buttons > Tap on Download

  • Step 03: Log in using your developer account's username and password

  • Step 04: Go to the 13 beta section

  • Step 05: Tap on the download

  • Step 06: After downloading, tap on close

  • Step 07: Open Settings > Tap on Profile Downloaded > Tap Install > Enter your Passcode

  • Step 08: Next, tap the Install option in the right corner of the screen

  • Step 09: Finally, tap on Restart in the pop-up message
  • After establishing the iOS 13 profile, you can update it to the recent beta updates as a regular software update.

    Main Features in iOS 13

    Dark Mode

    The dark mode is another feature coming with 13 update. This feature is enabled in Control Center. This System-wide dark mode will use darkened interface. Apple users who like a darker interface can adapt to this feature. Stock Apps also support this Dark mode. Third-party apps also can adapt to this dark mode. But you may need to update those apps to be compatible with this mode. So if you are a dark mode fan, you can get this update and change your Apple device appearance to darker version.

    Music App

    There are many more features and improvements in this latest 13 update. If you are a music lover, you can see some improvements and new features in the Music app. Now the Music app has time-synced lyrics feature.


    Now you can see typing by swiping feature on your Apple device keyboard which has been updated with 13 update. Apple has improved user experience on message notifications. Now, When you are previewing a message notification, you can scroll and go through whole message conversation.


    Now you can have Memoji Stickers. From this feature, you can create a set of stickers from your Memoji. And These Memojis will appear on your emoji keyboard along with other emojis. If you have a device with A9 chip or later, you can use Memoji Editor on your device.


    If you are a web site seeker and If you are a safari App user. This is good news for you. With 13, you can have some improvements and feature updates on your safari app too. Now, there is a new feature to change the font size on websites easily. And also there is another feature, which will adjust settings like zoom level on a per-website basis.


    You can experience many new feature improvements with the new Camera App. A New High Key Mono effect is available for portrait lightening mode. And now you can change and fix the intensity of the lightening effect with this new camera App. Now Apple has its own image-editor with new image editing experience.

    Now you can have all effects and editing features like rotate on videos as well. This is another unique feature coming with 13 update.

    There are many other new improvements on this update for Camera App.

    • New iOS 13 specific unique filters.

    • A new way to explore photos, remove duplicates and clutter like screenshots.

    Altogether, now you can have the best user experience with the new Camera App.


    Apple has improved its Map App this new update. They have rebuilt from the ground up. You can see below-mentioned new features on Maps.

    • Now Apple Maps has google street view feature.

    • Apple Maps supports junction view in China.

    • With new Map features now you can share ETA with your friends and family.

    • Easy location sharing option within Maps.


    There are some security improvements in many apps. Especially in Messages, Now you can adjust your privacy by controlling who sees your Name and Picture in Messages.

    In this update, developers will not be tracked by new sign in by Apple button across the web.


    HomeKit also has new features in it with the new update.

    • Now rather than uploading videos to cloud for video analyze and process, HomeKit allows analyze and process within the device. So now you can have those features within your device. So this is a good improvement in security and performance.

    • Now there is a security improvement on uploading Home security videos to iCloud. Not even Apple can see them in iCloud. So no one except you can see these uploaded videos.

    • 10 Days recordings can be stored in iCloud with new HomeKit with this update.

    • Another specialty on this iCloud upload is that these video files won't count against your iCloud storage.

    • Netatmo, Logitech and Eufy will be compatible with HomeKit.

    • HomeKit will have support on popular routers with security features including automatically firewalling-off each of your accessories.

    iOS 13 Jailbreak

    As of now, there is no clear evidence about iOS 13 jailbreak. But there are some partially successful jailbreak methods to jailbreak iOS 13. Let's take look at the current status of iOS 13 jailbreak

    Unc0ver Jailbreak

  • The most official news about Cydia iOS 13 is the statement which was done by @Pwn20wnd via twitter. He has mentioned that there is a possible chance to jailbreak iOS 13 as he could install Cydia on a pre-jailbroken device that is running on 13 beta. But technically, there is nothing to be surprised as Cydia runs on when relevant patches are available. However, there is a limelight of iOS 13 Jailbreak.

  • Cydia Cloud

  • Cydia Cloud is an online jailbreak method. It has the ability to jailbreak and install Cydia on all the latest iOS versions. Cydia Cloud already supports iOS 13 jailbreak and Cydia iOS 13. Since Cydia Cloud works as an online jailbreak tool, you do not need to download any specific app. Instead, you only have to visit the Cydia Cloud official website through your Safari browser and follow the instructions on the Cydia Cloud page. Not only Cydia but also Hexxa Plus can install Sileo demo version on your device.

  • iBSparkes

  • iBSparks was the first person who exploited iOS 13 beta 1 firstly. He is assisted by Luca Todesco and we can hope that both of them will do something big on iOS 13 jailbreak soon. Perhaps you may not know the iBSparks in his name clearly. But you could not be unfamiliar with Meridian jailbreak which was developed by iBSparks for iOS 10 to 10.3.3.

  • Other Important Features

    In this latest update, you can see new changes and improvements in many other areas as well. Apple Inc has uplifted its operating system's performance, features as well as user experiences.

    Are you using AirPods? If yes, Now with the new update, Siri can read incoming messages to you at the moment those messages arrive at your device. Third-party message apps which use SiriKit are supported for this new feature. And also now you can use the audio sharing feature which will enable sharing movies or songs with your friends.

    The 13th update improved HomePods as well. Handoff comes to HomePod with new iOS update. Now, you can bring your iPhone near to HomePod and you can hand off your music, podcasts, phone calls with HomePod. With new Live Radio, you can have nearly 100,000 radio stations including iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Now HomePod has personalized response feature by identifying who is talking.

    Do you use CarPlay? So this is another great news for Apple Device users who use CarPlay. Because this is the biggest update to the Carplay since the beginning. Now you can see the redesigned CarPlay dashboard which will allow showing more content at the same time. And also now it contains new Calendar App. Apple has revamped the design of CarPlay music app along with with the new 13 update. Siri on CarPlay will work with Pandora, Waze, and many other third-party Apps.

    Now the updated Siri App uses voices entirely generated by Software with neural text-to-speech. Earlier Siri has used recorded samples of the human voice. Now you can experience more natural-sounding interactions with new Siri.

    So now you can see how big and how amazing is this new 13 update. You can also update your Apple device to this latest most advanced iOS version.

    iOS 13 & Cydia

    And another great news for Apple users who wishes to install third-party apps which will not be available on App Store. As you know, there are many advanced features and tweaks available for users who use the Cydia App Manager. Cydia is a third-party app manager which will allow users to install advanced unique apps which are not available on regular App Store.

    Some of these amazing third-party apps need root access on your Apple iDevice. But Apple itself imposed some security restrictions on this root access. So normal stock apple device user can not have third-party apps which need root access. So if you need to have those apps on your iOS 13 running iDevice, you must jailbreak your device. Anyway, you must have Cydia for installing above-mentioned third-party apps which are not available in App Store.