Unc0ver Jailbreak

Unc0ver jailbreak is one of the latest jailbreak releases with most advanced jailbreaking functionality. Uncover is a semi-untethered jailbreak which will need to re-jailbreak the device again on each reboot. Pwn20wnd and Sbingner are the lead developers who developed this jailbreak.  And the UI of uncover Jailbreak has been developed by DennisBednarz and Samg_is_a_Ninja.

Update: Surprisingly pwn20wnd has published the latest Unc0ver jailbreak version which is Unc0ver 3.5.0. This latest Unc0ver version is compatible with iOS 12.4. And this jailbreak supported all devices up to A11 including iPhone X. So If you have iOS 12 on your iDevice, you can have this awesome jailbreak.

Uncover Jailbreak - Updated Features

♦ All exploits inside a single App.

♦ In-detailed error messages.

♦ Reliable and quick patch releases.

♦ Less battery drain.

♦ No random app freezes.

♦ No frequent slowdowns or lags.

♦ Data security - There will be no data sharing or logging.

♦ No malware.

♦ Jailbreak status detection in a proper way.

♦ Proper issue fixing mechanism with bootstrap extraction.

♦ Available native build of Cydia for iOS 11 or 12.

♦ Faster and more reliable Cydia.

♦ Modern looking Cydia with better User Experience.

♦ New User Interface with a better user experience.

♦ Cydia substrate on Tweak Injection.

♦ Faster and more stable ldrestart.

♦ New changes to Cydia done with the approval from Saurik.

♦ Ability to skip daemons.

♦ Ability to dump APTicket.

♦ Ability to refresh icon cache.

♦ Availability of Disable on auto updates.

♦ Ability to block app revokes.

♦ RootFs restoration facility.

♦ Availability of the restart button to restart the device.

♦ Option to open Cydia if it doesn't appear on Home Screen.

♦ Show remaining dates left for renew application.

♦ Reliable debugserver.

♦ Cydia support for iPhone X screen size.

unc0ver 3.6.0 changelog

  • Fully revamped all jailbreak patches from scratch.
  • Developed jailbreak patches as static patches, not dynamic patches. System stability completely stocked after the jailbreak.
  • Internally developed jailbreak patches for full-fledged A12-A12X based device support.
  • unc0ver 3.6.0 jailbreak is significantly faster than earlier.
  • Added sock port 3.0 exploit to improve reliability on iOS 12.4 and low RAM devices.
  • iOS 12.0 - 12.1.2 running arm64e devices have fixed SSH support.
  • Made possible to jailbreak iOS 12.4 based devices with corrupted SystemVersion.plist.
  • The jailbreak will perform proper cleanup to ensure system stability.
  • Fixed the jbctl command-line.
  • Can be switched to a new technique which will be setting the system boot nonce generator that will work on all arm6e devices with iOS 12.0 - 12.4.
  • Fixed issue in Cydia installation where it gets stuck sometimes earlier.
  • Speed up the installation process of Cydia installation.
  • Prepared for upcoming stable substitute support.
  • Prepared Cydia and resources for full-fledged arm64e support.

[Change Log] - unc0ver 3.5.0 iOS 12.4 jailbreak

2019/08/18 - the latest v3.5.0 released with the following changes

- Added support for iOS 12.4 jailbreak to the Sock Puppet (A8-A11) and Sock Port (A7-A7X) exploits

[Change Log] - unc0ver v3.0.0 b46

Unc0ver has released its latest version. Latest beta version has been released with couple of bug fixes short while ago. This version is 3.0.0 b46 and released 2 days of after last beta release. There are many important bug fixes done on this latest beta version. But it is important to keep in mind that this is a beta release and it may have some remaining bugs and issues.

  • Fix for prevent device going to sleep when unc0ver is working.
  • Fix and improve assertion in unc0ver.
  • Update the APT lists cache files for repositories.
  • Disable the “Disable App Revokes”, revert changes on this. If this was used before to prevent instability issues, there will be issues with loading tweaks on iOS 12.

iOS 12.4 Jailbreak with Unc0ver Jailbreak 3.5.0

With this Uncover jailbreak 3.5.0, you can get Cydia Installer and Cydia Substrate into your iOS device. And, it has been a long time without any jailbreak update and suddenly unc0ver breaks the silence with its latest update. Uncover 3.5.0 is compatible with A7 to A11 chipset devices. But still, Pwn20wnd’s uncover jailbreak does not have A12 compatibility. This unc0ver jailbreak version is coming with iOS 12.4 jailbreak support to the Socket Puppet and Sock Port exploits.

Step By Step Jailbreak Guidance

It is really easy to jailbreak iOS 12 & 11 with unc0ver. For this, you just need a computer, Lightning cable and your mobile device. Just follow these steps and experience the awesomeness of unc0ver jailbreak.

STEP 1: Download the IPA file of unc0ver from here. Please check your iOS version and select the suitable latest version of unc0ver jailbreak.

STEP 2: Download latest version of Cydia Impactor from here. You need to install Cydia Impactor on your computer.

STEP 3: Open installed Cydia Impactor from your computer and connect your iOS device with computer using Lightning cable.

STEP 4: Cydia Impactor will detect your mobile device. You may need to unlock your mobile.

STEP 5: Drag and drop downloaded IPA file from your computer to Impactor and it will ask to enter your Apple ID and password. After entering required credentials just press enter. Then Impactor will start to run the application on your device.

 Note: If your Apple credentials are correct but Impactor prompt that you have entered incorrect credentials, It’s because you have enabled 2 factor authentication for your apple credentials. Then you just need to enter an app specific password. To get app specific password please click here and sign in with your apple credentials. The click on “Generate Password ...” and enter some random fancy name there. Then you can see some set of random letters . Copy it from there and paste it into your Cydia Impactor.

STEP 6: After the successful installation process you can unplug your Apple iDevice from computer and open newly installed unc0ver application.

STEP 7: If you can see an error with “Unverified Developer” just navigate to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Then select your email address and click on “trust” button. Now you can open unc0ver application on your device.

STEP 8: Open the application and tap on “jailbreak” button.

STEP 9: After your device reboot for the first time after this installation, open unc0ver app and hit jailbreak.

User can switch from other jailbreaks such as Electra jailbreak to unc0ver jailbreak easily. The RootFS restoration will happen automatically. And for diagnostic issues users can use in-built  diagnostic tool.

Useful Facts, While Using Uncover

  • How to update unc0ver - Reboot the device and delete previous IPA file. Install latest IPA again using Cydia Impactor. There will be no data or tweak loss.
  • How to downgrade unc0ver - same as above method, just reboot the device, delete current IPA and install earlier version of uncover using Cydia Impactor.
  • Resign unc0ver from your smartphone - Please use ReProvision for this process.
  • Fix respring-loop - Reboot your device and jailbreak with Load Tweaks Toggled off in unc0ver. Then do the reboot again and jailbreak with Load Tweaks toggled on in unc0ver.
  • Remove a faulty tweak - Reboot and jailbreak device with Load Tweaks toggled off in uncover. Then remove the faulty tweak. After that reboot device again and jailbreak with Load Tweaks toggled on in unc0ver.
  • Fix Cydia not working issue - You can use “Re-install Cydia” in unc0ver Application.
  • Remove unc0ver - Open unc0ver application and use “restore rootFS” option. Then It will only delete all jailbreak data except user data.
  • Completely remove Uncover without restoration

How to Remove Unc0ver Jailbreak

Please follow below mentioned steps to remove unc0ver completely.

  1. Open unc0ver Application and go to “Settings” tab.
  2. Go down on that page and enable “Restore RootFS(rec0ver)” and use “Refresh icon cache”.
  3. Go back to “jailbreak” tab and tap on “Jailbreak” or “Re-jailbreak”.
  4. Then unc0ver will start normal jailbreak process then it will show prompt “Will restore RootFS”. You have to click “ok”.
  5. Wait till process finish. It may take upto 10 - 15 minutes.
  6. Then you will get a notification saying “RootFS has been successfully restored” and then click on “ok” button.
  7. Then device will reboot and all jailbreak related fills will not be there. Now you can the unc0ver application.

How to Fix Issues and Problems?

If the device has stopped working, Don’t worry please check below mentioned guidelines to fix and overcome the issue.

You can use many precaution methods before something happened with your Apple iDevice. If you have these tools already installed in your device and computer you can fix any issue easily.

  • SSH (Secure Shell)

This option allows you to connect with your iOS device and run commands to fix issues on the mobile device. You can fix issues like Device unresponsiveness, Black Screens, Respring loops. SSH is preinstalled in unc0ver jailbreak, So you do not need to install it again. SSH is inbuilt on most UNIX based operating systems like Linux and MacOS. But if you are using Windows based computer, you may need to install OpenSSH or Putty. Once you get SSH on your computer,

  • check that both mobile device and computer is connected with same wifi network.
  • Then go to wifi connections in your iPhone or iPad and click on blue information icon in the right side of currently connected wifi network.
  • Then you can see IP Address of your device.
  • Get that IP Address and paste below command with that IP address in your computer Terminal or Command Line “ssh root@[IP_ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_DEVICE]”

Ex: ssh root@

  • Terminal may ask that you want to trust the host, Then you can type “yes”. Then ssh will prompt to enter device password. Please enter the device's lock password.
  • After successful SSH connection you can see terminal or command line change to root user.
  • CocoaTop

This is a tool to monitor CPU Usage, RAM Usage and many other data stats related to your device. If you device is slow, you can monitor and detect process or processes that is causing for that problem. Then you can kill those processes and gain regular speed of the device.

  • CrashReporter and Cr4shed

These are the tweaks that will show you the details about reasons for the device crash.

  • Filza

You can install this tool on your iDevice. This tool will allow you to explore files available in your mobile. This application is available with Cydia.

  • iCleaner

This is another awesome tweak that allows you to clean up unused files from your device. This cleaning process will fix lag issues and installation errors.

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