iOS 11.1 Jailbreak and Cydia Download for iPhone, iPad

How to install Cydia iOS 11.1 with CydiaCloud

Nowadays, iOS 11.1 jailbreak has become the most required term for all the iDevices users. This because iOS 11.1 Cydia download can be used to customize iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices using the updated features. For your information, Apple has standard restriction methods on iOS devices to keep avoid installing third party apps on iDevices. To go through these barriers, you need to jailbreak and install Cydia iOS 11.1 because this is the best and the only way to free your device from above restrictions. You can also, experience a lot of facilities using iOS 11.1 jailbreak such as change the theme of the device, Customize all the aspects, Scheduling messages, Enhance lock screen, and more others.

How to Download iOS 11.1 on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Over-the-Air Update

Normally, the iDevice users are eligible to upgrade current iOS firmware to the latest version by following over-the-air update method and the iTunes update. Simply, you can perform the OTA update from your Apple device using the Wi-Fi connection itself. you just have to set a few settings and the upgrade will be installed within one step.

As the first step, Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update on your iDevice. Then the system may take a moment to check for updates. After displaying a possible version tap "Download and Install" button then enter the passcode to continue. The system will show you an "Agree" button to accept the terms and conditions and then tap the same button once again. The system will reboot and once started your device will be upgraded to the newest 11.1 firmware.

Upgrade via iTunes

The next way is to upgrade the iOS firmware using the iTunes application. You have to use a Mac or Windows computer to install this. If you are using this option, Make sure you have installed the latest update of iTunes on your PC, Mac. This is the recommended method for the Cydia download lovers to update the iOS version because the over-the-air update mechanism won't be support for the jailbreak.

Connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device to the computer using a recommended USB lightning cable then launch the updated iTunes application. Select the device which appears on the top left corner in the iTunes then click "Summary" button. Click on "Check for update" and click on "Download and Update" button to update the version. If the iTunes asked enter the Apple id and passcode, enter the details and wait a moment until the device gets updated.

iOS 11.1.1 - iOS 11.1 Cydia Download Status Update

As we mentioned above, the KeenLab security researchers show off that there are more developed paths to bypass all the security updates of iOS 11.1.1. They prove that the best of the best jailbreak comes from their laboratory indeed. When it flashback the security features of iOS 10 edition, Apple did not announce about the upgraded areas due to customers' protection. Though the situation is that, the KeenLab app developers proceed to demonstrate the iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak at the POC 2017. Considering their nerve, they used three handsets to show this off. A newly announced iPhone X on iOS 11.1.1 firmware.

All the way they compromised Cydia download on each platform successfully. The software engineer Liang Chen officially demonstrated the occasion of Cydia iOS 11.1.1. After the procedure, the KeenLab team has not announced the releasing date or another related useful information. So we unable to determine the correct date of this release anyway. The good news is that this jailbreak was compatible with iOS 11.1.1 minor version and was able to download Cydia iOS 11.1 using this tool. So you have a perfect opportunity to Cydia download iOS 111.1 instantly after release this tool in the future. We have to wait for now with previous updates until the tool mingles with the air.

Pangu 11 Jailbreak performance

Pangu team has marked a remarkable name among jailbreak universe at this moment. They have released various jailbreaking options to download Cydia iOS versions for years. So we unable to escape these developers while talking about iOS 11.1 jailbreak. This team has a plenty of experiences approached by their security researchers and creating several semi-tethered jailbreak options. As the recent tip of these developers that demonstrated iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak at the Tech Conference held in Janus Center, China. They used an iPhone 7 what running on iOS 10.3.1 to reveal this jailbreak and Cydia download iOS 10.3.1.

For the first time, this team pronounced that they are working with a handful of PP Assistants and if both teams agreed each other they can implement the tool in a moment while. The Pangu jailbreak was the first demoed successful stable option to make Cydia download happen. After this encouraging demonstration, they may not stop until release a proper solution as Pangu iOS 11.1 jailbreak. This Pangu 11.1 jailbreak may demo in the soon future and will be released on a particular date. So once again we have to place our hands one after one and wait until the official tool is released.

How to remove Cydia iOS 11.1

Oftentimes, jailbreaking is a prohibited activity from the Apple Inc. This may void the warranty of the iPhone, iPad or your iPod Touch always. So if you need to claim any warranty you have to remove the jailbreak from the Apple iDevice. There is nothing to be nervous because you are eligible to remove this using two separate ways. The first way is to upgrade the system to the latest version and the second is restore the iDevice to the factory settings. Both ways give the same result as well. So if you have already heard that once jailbreak an iDevice it unable to remove ever can wipe from this proof.


The answer to this matter is simple. The jailbreak always a legal manner under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the United States. So you have nothing to be afraid of jailbreaking the Apple device at your own risk. If you are waiting for Cydia download by jailbreaking the smart device this is the time to make this happen.


There is no any untethered or semi-tethered method for the 11.1 jailbreak and Cydia download. The Keen Lab has demoed a jailbreak that compatible with beta version but not the major release. That is why we have to wait for the best and the proper compatible jailbreak comes to public use. Jailbreak an iDevice grant you a bunch of features that you have never experienced before. iOS 11.1 Jailbreak and Cydia download is a completely legal procedure so you can perform this as you need at your own risk.

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