iOS Jailbreak - How to jailbreak iOS 13 through 12.2

What is Jailbreak? iOS Jailbreak is a process that will escalate the privileges of an iDevice by removing restrictions and limitations imposed by Apple. This process will give root access to the user who does the jailbreak. Usually, Apple devices are restricted to install software and applications from external parties. iOS device users only can install software and applications from the Apple App Store. Jailbreak allows users to install useful software which is not available in Apple’s official application portal, App Store. Also, Jailbreak gives users a broad area of access privilege for their Apple device.

The jailbreak process uses a series of kernel patches and gains root access to the Apple mobile operating system. It allows users to modify iOS using extensions, tweaks, themes, applications and many more tactics for free. They are not available in Apple's official App store. Though the legal status of jailbreaking is not very clear. But users tend to jailbreak their devices. Because a jailbroken device is more interesting and user -friendly than a non-jailbroken device.

Jailbreak any iOS version Easily

Why Should You Jailbreak?

The main reason for jailbreaking is expanding the limited features set comes with Apple devices. There are hundred thousands of useful & awesome applications available for Apple devices on the internet. But due to Apple's software guideline limitations, those applications are not available in the App Store. If you like to install and use those awesome useful apps, you should jailbreak your iOS device first.

We do not blame Apple for not allowing third-party apps to install on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. As well as useful and valuable apps, there are hundreds of harmful and useless applications all over the internet. That's why Apple has restricted this feature because of security purposes. 

Also, an important reason to jailbreak is ability to access Cydia and download tweaks for free to customize Apple devices. If you have a jailbroken device you can also install Tweaks on your iOS device. Tweaks are extensions, adjustments, and additions to install applications and operating system. These tweaks can change your iPhone's user interfaces by changing default icons into stunning new icons, hide application names, show only icons and more.

As mentioned above, a jailbroken device will give the user an awesome experience with a vast area of new features, tweaks, and useful applications. So there won’t be any bounds over the user.

How to Jailbreak an iOS Device?

If you are an Apple iOS device user and willing to jailbreak your iDevice, you should select a compatible jailbreak tool for your device model and for the iOS version. Right now, there are many iOS jailbreak tools available.

Jailbreaking facility is available for all iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple TVs except iWatches.

There are many ways to do the jailbreak. You can select the best version suit for you.

Different Types of iOS Jailbreak

  • Untethered Jailbreak :
  • This jailbreak method is working as a permanent solution. If you turn off the device and turn it back on, the device will start up. For this jailbreaking method you don’t need to have a computer for patching process. Untethered jailbreak will enable root access without any help from device connected computer. But this jailbreak method is difficult. Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.0 - 9.1 is the most recent untethered jailbreak.

  • Tethered Jailbreak :
  • For this method you should need to have a computer which is connected with your device. If you turn off your tethered jailbroken device and after turning back on, the device will no longer contain a patched kernel which will enable jailbroken access privileges and device will stuck due to this condition. Then you must connect device with a computer and you must re-jailbreak by using “boot tethered” feature of jailbreaking tool. From this method of jailbreak, you can still restart “respring” on the device without any reboot.

  • Semi-Tethered Jailbreak :
  • If you are using this jailbreak method, same as above method device won’t have patched kernel after reboot process. Therefore there won’t have modified code base which is using to enable extra jailbreak features like Cydia installer. But you can use normal functions in the device like texting, phone calls. To enable extra features which will get enabled after jailbreaking, you must re jailbreak device with the help of a jailbreaking tool. You must need to have a computer for this jailbreaking process.

  • Semi-Untethered Jailbreak :
  • This method will also work like Semi-tethered jailbreak. If you are using this method you won't have patched Cydia enabled version of kernel after the reboot. But in this method you do not need to have a computer for re jailbreaking process. You can do re patch by using an app that will do the repatch.

  • Semi Jailbreak :
  • Another Jailbreak method which will allow you to install themes, tweaks, applications and jailbreaking features. This also use root access in your device.

  • Online Jailbreak :
  • This is another Jailbreak method. In this method you do not need to have any computer. Normally most jailbreaking methods need Computer that is connected with the device. This is the fastest and easiest way to do the jailbreak without any computer. Cydia Cloud tool will allow you to complete jailbreak process without any hassle.

    You can use any of these iOS jailbreak methods for your device. But first of all you need to know your device's iOS version . Also, you can follow these steps and see the current iOS version in your iDevice. Go to “Settings > General > About” .

    Most Recent Jailbreak Tools

    There are many iOS jailbreak tools available in the market. But you should select secure, reliable and suitable version for you device. We have listed down best recommended list of jailbreak tools which was released recently.

    Unc0ver Jailbreak : Compatible iOS Versions - iOS 11 to iOS 12.1.2

    Unc0ver jailbreak is the most recent jailbreak tool that supports iOS 12 jailbreak with advanced features. This jailbreak tool contains error prone features with advanced data security. Unc0ver was developed by Pwn20wnd.

    Electra Jailbreak : Compatible iOS Versions - iOS 11 to iOS 11.4.1

    Another jailbreak tool with pre-installed Cydia and Sileo. Electra jailbreak tool was developed by Coolstar. This tool is compatible with iPhones, iPods touch, iPads and Apple TVs.

    Houdini Jailbreak : Compatible iOS Version - iOS 11.3 to 12.2 beta 1

    This jailbreak tool allows you to install many applications, themes, and tweaks. Houdini jailbreak won’t install Cydia on your device after jailbreaking. Houdini has its own app manager. That app manager is also the same as Cydia App Store.

    Chimera Jailbreak : Compatible iOS Version - iOS 12.0 to 12.1.2

    Chimera is the latest jailbreak from the well-known hacker and developer CoolStar. CoolStar and his Electra team released Chimera Jailbreak for iDevices with A12 Bionic chipset.

    Once you enabled your jailbreak functionality, you can use Jailbreak app manager to manage Jailbreak apps, tweaks, games and themes. Many jailbreak tools have inbuilt App manager. Cydia installer is the most reliable and popular App manager among the jailbreak people. This is the most reliable and secured app manager among other competitive app managers. “Cydia” is like the App Store for Jailbroken Apple devices. If you want to revert jailbreak and go back to stock version, Yes it is possible.

    Most of the latest jailbreaks contain Safe Mode which will disable tweaks because of incompatibility issues. So you can safely remove jailbreak by using “un-jailbreak” option available on most of the latest jailbreaking tools.

    iOS Jailbreak Compatible Devices

    Jailbreaking is available for all the devices including iPhones, iPods and iPod Touches which runs up to iOS 12.

    iPhone Jailbreak - Though there is no actual jailbreak tool for iPhone XS/XS Max/ and XR and you can try all the iPhone X Jailbreak and hacks. Developer Code extraction method/ Semi Jailbreak IPAs/ Virtual Jailbreak for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR are some of them.

    iPad Jailbreak - As you know iPad comes with less flexibility and the expandability. Therefore users cannot install third-party applications on it. So if you want to include the latest multitasking features on your iPad, jailbreaking is the one and only solution to avoid all the restrictions.

    iPod Touch Jailbreak - Apple designs iPod Touch for music purposes. So users cannot use it to get phone calls, mobile data, voice recording or other media. But jailbreaking allows you to unlock some interesting features on iPod Touches.

    Apple TV Jailbreak - Not only smartphones but also you can jailbreak your Apple televisons. It offers features such as weather slideshows and media services such as Pandora, Amazon, Hulu, and MTV .etc

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who created jailbreak?

    A: George Francis Hotz (October 2, 1989), otherwise known as geohot. Even if George Francis the father of jailbreaking, Modern world call Saurik as the father of jailbreak. If you are keen on Jailbreaking, Jay Freeman cannot be a stranger for you. He is the mastermind behind this Cydia app manager. He developed Cydia to manage jailbroken device applications. His popular name is Saurik and works as a software engineer and a businessman. Not only Cydia but also he holds the credit of developing Cydia Impactor and other Third-party apps.

    Q: What's the difference between Jailbreak and Unlock?

    A: iOS Jailbreak will remove restrictions and limitations imposed by Apple and give user ability to install external applications which are not available in AppStore. But Unlocking process will remove restrictions imposed by your Cellular provider. These are 2 different methods.

    Q: Will jailbreaking brick my device?

    A: No. This is a rumor most apple users afraid of. But there won’t happen anything to your device after jailbreaking process. Jailbreaking process is not much more advanced and reliable than the early days. And it is really easy for any users. You just need to follow a simple set of steps. The worst thing that can happen is the device going to the unresponsiveness status. But this issue also can be fixed by a hard reset. So no need to afraid. By following simple steps you can do this jailbreak process.

    Q: Is jailbreaking legal?

    A: Yes it is legal. Even in the United States, iOS jailbreak is completely legal. But Apple does not support jailbreaking due to violation of their EULA. Digital Millennium Copyright Act also known as DMCA contains a process for enable exemption on Jailbreak. Anyway installation of pirated applications using jailbreak and many other these kind of illegal actions are illegal according to US laws.

    Q: Can I still use App Store on a Jailbroken iDevice?

    A: You can use the App Store and iTunes on your device after jailbreaking process. No need to afraid. You won’t lose any existing default App Store or iTunes features. Some applications like banking apps which will use jailbreak detection to check about device status won’t run on jailbroken devices. But there is a solution for this too. You can overcome this issue by using a tweak on that particular application. After jailbreaking done.

    Q: What will happen to iOS updates after the jailbreak?

    A: If you update your jailbroken device into latest iOS version, you will lose jailbreak in your device. Sometimes there won’t have jailbreak version for latest iOS update. So it is better if you can wait for jailbreak that will be compatible with latest iOS version. When there is new jailbreak tool available for the latest iOS firmware, you can update your iDevice and do the jailbreak for latest iOS version. Latest jailbreak tools are available in above mentioned links.  

    Q: Does Jailbreaking void the Device's Warranty?

    There are no legal actions against you if you jailbreak your iDevice. But Apple will refuse to claim any warranty after jailbreaking. They have mentioned that they won’t give support, service for a jailbroken device. But you can revert your jailbreak anytime you want. There is no way to track your device and check about earlier jailbreaks.

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