How to Download Cydia for iOS 12.3

Apple released iOS 12.3 as a minor update with some features including some bug fixes. Apple has mainly focused on the New Apple TV app with 12.3 update. If you are an apple fan, iOS 12.3 will give a whole new experience for you with the new Apple TV app available for the Apple Devices. Not only that, but there are some other feature updates also included with this iOS version. iOS 12.3 is not like it's predecessor version iOS 12.2, this recent update is a minor software update that mainly aims at upgrading Apple TV app. But iOS 12.3 also contains many other important changes. So if you are an Apple iDevice user, It is very important to update to this latest stable version.

New Features Comes with iOS 12.3

Apple TV app is the replacement for the Video App which was used in iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs for more than 10 years. This new Apple TV app gives users a much more advanced unique experience with a huge set of features. So there is a major update coming for Apple TV App with iOS 12.3. If you are an Apple TV user, this is great news for you. With this update, Apple TV app allows users to subscribe to third-party channels directly through the new Apple TV app. You can watch CBS All Access, Starz, Showtime, HBO, Mibi and many more supported channels. And there is another special feature available with this Apple App which is machine learning enabled TV App. From this feature, Apple TV App will provide movie and tv channel recommendations by checking on the user's unique behavior.

So this AI based recommendation system will also check your previous viewing habits and it will recommend the suggestions which will be suited for you. This updated Apple TV App is really easy to use and there is a separate tab for kids with content appropriate only for kids.

So there is a remarkable change in Apple TV app with iOS 12.3. Meantime Apple has also changed New TV App icon on Home Screen and Settings. So with this update, you have the best entertainment app with your Apple device and you can have below mentioned new features on Apple TV App.

  • New Tab section for New Movies, TV Shows, Sports and Kids buttons.
  • You can purchase items within the Apple watch app using 'How to Watch'.
  • New "For you" section inside Watch Now page.
  • "Trending" Section for TV Series and Movies.
  • Apple TV Channel subscriptions with free trials. You can have free trials for HBO, Cinemax, PBS Living, Sundance Now, Epix, CuriosityStream, MTV Hits, Comedy Central and some other TV Channels.
  • Redesigned Acorn TV and Sundance Now Channel Icons.
  • This update has the New Apple TV Remote app.
  • Apple has also added a new splash screen for TV App with this update.
  • Apart from these major changes, Apple developers have done many other improvements and bug fixes as well. Therefore updating iOS version to 12.3 will be really good for your device.

    In 12.3 update there are no any major User Interface changes. But there are many performance fixes, bug fixes, and improvements.

    Here are list of improvements and bug fixes coming with iOS 12.3

  • If you use Siri app, you can see some major improvements. Siri is able to intelligently pair users' daily routine with apps to propose the most convenient shortcuts right when they are needed. So this will help users to accomplish tasks related to app very quickly through lock screen or from Search or from Siri Watch Face.
  • ARKit2 is another change coming with iOS 12.3. If you are playing multiplayer games, This improvement is for you. Multiple users can use their iOS devices to view Augmented Reality Experience simultaneously. This can be used for multiplayer games. So this improvement will enable a whole new area in Apple devices' multiplayer games.
  • Added support for the Reiwa era of the Japanese Calendar starting on 1st May 2019. This is really good news for Japanese apple device users.
  • Fixed an issue in prompt which will occur when unlocking the iPhone to use USB accessories after connecting the lighting cable.
  • Fixed palm rejection on iPad connected Apple Pencil support.
  • Added ability to detect mismatched air pods in their relevant case.

  • Cydia for iOS 12.3

    You can have above mentioned new features, improvements and bug fixes with 12.3 update. And by installing Cydia for iOS 12.3, you can enhance and improve your apple device functionality.

    For a stock Apple iDevice user, there may have many restrictions and limitations which are imposed by the Apple Company. Due to these restrictions, you can not install third-party apps which are not available in the Apple App Store. There are many advanced and unique features available on these third-party apps and If you have a third-party app manager, you can install these third-party apps into your iOS device. Sometimes you might be heard of an App called Cydia. Cydia is a third party app manager available for Apple devices which will grant it's users to install third-party apps which are not available in the Apple App Store.

    After updating your Apple iDevice to the 12.3 version you can install the latest Cydia iOS 12.3 version on your device. If you are an Apple device user who already uses Cydia installer, Sometimes you may think Cydia will not be compatible with this latest iOS 12.3. No need to worry, You can instantly install Cydia for iOS 12.3 from here. Cydia contains a huge collection of latest, reliable and popular third-party apps, tweaks, themes, and games. After this Cydia installation, you can have the ability to install apps from this huge collection of app repository.

    How to Install Cydia for iOS 12.3

    If you already have Cydia installer with the earlier version of iOS in your device, Do not worry. Just update your device to the new 12.3 update. Then you can install Cydia for iOS 12.3 with Cydia Cloud. If you're new to the Cydia Cloud family, then it's better to know what Cydia Cloud is. By following these steps you can install Cydia App Store into your apple device.

    Step 01 - Navigate to using safari browser in your apple device.

    Step 01 - Click the "Cydia Download" button which you can see in the top of the page.

    Step 01 - Cydia Cloud installer will start the installation process and it will run a device compatibility test which will take a couple of seconds.

    Step 01 - After this process, you can see the "Install" button. Just click on that button and start the installation process.

    Step 01 - After the installation process over you will be navigated to the settings section in your apple device and you can see Install button there. Click on that Install button.

    Step 01 - Now sometimes, Cydia Cloud may ask to enter your device passcode. Just enter your passcode to add Cydia installer to your home screen.

    Step 01 - Click Install again, then the installation process is done. Not you can see the "Done" button. Just click the "Done" button.

    Step 01 - After this installation process, you can see Cydia iOS 12.3 app on your home screen.

    After these updates and installation process, you can have the latest iOS 12.3 updated apple device with latest Cydia App.