iOS 14.6 Jailbreak

Out of all the reasons, why you would want to iOS 14.6 jailbreak Apple device, saving money on applications and having more control over your phone or tablet are certainly the most common factors.

But how to jailbreak iOS 14.6?

How can you do it and is it a hard task?

In this section, we’ve prepared the full walkthrough to jailbreak iOS 14.6, what solution to choose, the instructions step by step, and some useful insight you must know.

These solutions support the most common Apple devices from the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to the iPhone 12 series.

iOS 14.6 Jailbreak Solutions And How to Use

Jailbreaking your Apple device is not difficult per se choosing one of the two solutions below and following our instructions.

Let’s dig into our main topic and discover in detail how to jailbreak iOS 14.6.


Checkra1n is the most popular jailbreak solution for your Apple devices and you’ll get more control over your phone or tablet is a few simple steps.

How To Jailbreak iOS 14.6 with Checkra1n?

Before going ahead and starting the instructions to jailbreak iOS 14.6 with Checkra1n, you should know that a computer is needed.

In case you do not have a computer or a laptop, make sure to read below as you will be able to do everything from your iPhone using the Cydia Cloud app.

Step 1 – Visit our Checkra1n download page and proceed with downloading the latest version of the software to your Mac computer. Once you’ve downloaded it, click on the DMG file and install it in your Application folder.

If you encounter security issues that don’t allow you to install Checkra1n, follow step 2. Otherwise, move on to step 3.

Step 2 – As you can predict, Apple’s security settings sometimes do not allow you to fully install some applications, and this is often the case with Checkra1n.

In order to bypass these issues and successfully use Checkra1n and jailbreak 14.6, this is your solution:

a. Open System Preferences and get onto the “Security & Privacy” tab.

b. Choose “Open Anyway” and, after that, click on “Open” and enter your Admin password.

c. Run Checkra1n again and you should now be able to install it.

Step 3 - Now that you’re able to, open the Checkra1n app and go to the Options. Once there, make sure to check the “Allow untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions” option. After that, select Back.

Simply put, this is the option that you need to jailbreak 14.6.

Step 4 – You will now need to connect your Apple device to your Mac machine using your Lightning cable and click on the Start button. Of course, check the Checkra1n regularly to see that it runs with no further inconveniences.

Step 5 – Now, select the “Next” button and follow the indications prompted by the app. Your device will then enter into the DFU mode and, after restarting itself, your iPhone will be jailbreak.

That’s it, these were the 5 simple steps that will jailbreak 14.6 on your iPhone in a heartbeat. We understand that this is simply not doable if you don’t have a Mac.

For this reason, let’s jump into the jailbreak instructions with Cydia Cloud to do it from your mobile directly.

Cydia Cloud

Other than the famous Checkra1n, Cydia Cloud is its most valid and easiest alternative and will certainly get your Apple device free from restrictions.

This is how you can jailbreak iOS 14.6 with Cydia Cloud.

How to Jailbreak iOS 14.6 with Cydia Cloud?

First of all, you should know that, in order to jailbreak 14.6 with Cydia Cloud, and unlike Checkra1n, you will not need a computer and, rather, do everything on the go from your phone.

Step 1 – Visit the Cydia Cloud Installer page or tap on the above “Download” button from your iPhone Safari browser, and allow the pop-up once prompted. Once done, Cloud’s settings will be added and configured to the settings on your iPhone.

Make sure to check out the settings on your device as Cydia Cloud should be correctly installed.

Step 2 – Stay on the Cydia Cloud profile in your settings and click on it to proceed with the installation. You will be asked to provide your passcode so don’t worry if you’re thinking about security issues at this stage.

Step 3 – When you’re done with the installation, you will be able to see the Cydia Cloud App store on your home screen.

Step 4 – Open the Cydia Cloud App store and enjoy the freedom on your brand new jailbroken 14.6 Apple device.

How to install Cydia on iOS 14.6?

Jailbreaking your iPhone is simply the beginning of the process. However, on top of having the Cloud App store or the Checkra1n, you will want Cydia to get all your free apps.

First off, with Checkra1n, and after jailbreaking your iPhone, you will need to open the Checkra1n application.

Once launched, you’ll see the Cydia logo and you will only need to click on it and the download and installation will proceed automatically.

On the other hand, for Cydia Cloud, it is important to note that you cannot install all the Cydia features since only Cydia Lite is available.

Installing Cydia with Cydia Cloud couldn’t be any easier. Simply open the Cloud App store and search for “Cydia” on the search box. Click on the app and it will download and install by itself.

Is Jailbreaking Legal?

Despite the fact that jailbreaking your device will make you lose the warranty and be more vulnerable in terms of online security, jailbreak is not illegal.

According to a report by the anti-virus giant Avast, jailbreaking an iOS device has been made legal in 2010 in the United States.

For this reason, you shouldn’t be scared of jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad as long as you’re aware of the inconveniences such as security and warranty.


This was everything you needed to fully and easily jailbreak iOS 14.6 on your iPhone.

While the process can sound difficult, it is actually fairly simple and you’ll be able to get free apps, more freedom from your Apple device, and certainly more fun.