iOS 13.3.1 - iOS 13.3 Jailbreak

iOS 13, the thirteenth major release of the Apple mobile operating system rolled out a few months ago in  2019 giving elegant and advanced user experience to iPhone users. It drastically changes the appearance of the iPhone providing Dark mode which had been a big dream of all iPhone users. Apple introduced its iOS 13 within a few words as A whole new look.

On a whole new level, and you may see how true it is when you go through the iOS 13 features. Currently, Apple has released several updates for the initial iOS 13 release while fixing bugs and adding improvements. The latest iOS 13.3.1 was released on the 29th of January 2020  focusing on screen time, Apple News and Stock app. Let's dive into iOS 13 to iOS 13.3.1 and check out what Apple has offered for its respective and Advanced iOS users.

Expansion iOS 13 to iOS 13.3.1

I guess all the iDevice lovers already know the transformation of iOS 13 that begun after announcing it at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference on June 3, 2019. If summarize the development respectively, iOS 13 came out after two beta versions for registered developers and one public beat for regular users. After releasing the initial version, Apple has launched 9 updates including the iOS 13.3 update. Among these updates, iOS 13.2.1 is a bit different as it was only available for Homepods. So, the iPhone and the iPad user may not have been aware of it as it 's was not available for non-Home pod users. Since iOS 13.2 update affected the proper function of Homepods, the next update was released as iOS 13.2.1 Homepod users fixing the issue.

Cydia Cloud Online Jailbreak Solution

Usually, tethered jailbreak solutions are bit bothersome and require a complex process in each restarting. So, if you are not tech-savvy and feel uncomfortable with the above method you can try Cydia Cloud jailbreak solution. It requires only a few simple steps to jailbreak an iDevice

Cydia Cloud is compatible with iOS 10 and later iOS versions running on all the iDevice models including 32-bit and 64-bit.

How To Install Cydia Cloud for iOS 13.3

Step 01: Go to through the Safari web browser on your iDevice and  tap on "Cydia Download" button

Step 02: Wait until the Cydia cloud checks the iOS version of your device and its jailbreak compatibility. If it is compatible you will see "Install Cydia" button and  simply tap on it

Step 03: Next, tap on the “Add to Home Screen” button to add Cydia to your device's Home Screen. Then, click “Allow” Button to add Cydia

Step 04: Next, you will see “Profile Downloaded” Message and then, go to your device Settings app > General > Profile Management. You will see the Cydia app in the Downloaded Profile Section.

Step 05: Tap on Cydia  App > Tap o Install button  on the top right of the screen

Step 06: Cydia may ask you to enter the passcode of your device. If asks, enter the passcode.

Step 07: Now, Tap on Install >  Done

Step 08: Now, you have jailbroken and Installed Cydia on your device

Main Features on iOS 13.3

iOS 13.3  just rolled out on December 10, 2019, fixing some bugs and adding some new improvements to the initial release. iOS 13.3 includes parental controls for screen time which is the most highlighted feature in iOS 13.3. Here are some of the highlighted features in iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 for the iPhone.

Parental controls for screen time

Screen time feature was initially introduced in iOS 12 to analyse the user's total spend time with his device and the apps. The key intention of the feature to provide a detailed report of users' usage of apps and the device and manage it beneficially if it interrupts the daily life. As the "Screen Time" feature indicates all the devices that are used by the user via the iCloud account, the user can get a complete report and analyze it at the end of the day. While showing the duration, it categorizes the apps according to the user's usage. Not only analyzing but also allows users to limit access to apps to control the excess usage of apps and devices.

Improved iOS 13.3 includes additional parental control for Screen Time feature and it allows users to limit the communication over call, FaceTime, or Message which could only be applied based on usage of apps previously. The new improvement aims to give the authority to the parent to control their children's device usage in both screen time and downtime. The most advantageous improvement for screen time on iOS 13.3 is the contact list for children. This newly introduced feature allows users to manage contacts and control the contacts that could appear on their children's devices.

Apple News Improvements

Apple users who love read and stay updated prefer the Apple News app which developed by Apple itself for their valuable users. Initially, the Apple News app was released for iOS 9 running on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Later, the app was available on macOS  & WatchOS. The app became available with subscriptions through Apple's "Apple News+" service from March 25, 2019. The latest iOS 13.3 includes a new layout for Apple News+ stories and each story shows "Like" & "Dislike" buttons to express either the user is interested or not. Beside it, Apple has added "Back" & "Next" buttons to move through the stories faster and quickly.

Stock App Improvements

As you know, Stock App is the official Apple application to check market activity and view the performance of stocks you are following and also it get the latest business news. The latest iOS update has added several improvements for the stock app such as English and French language support when logged in Canada, showing related articles from the same source to continue the reading and also it shows "Breaking" and "Developing" labels for top stories

Supported FIDO2 Keys For iOS and iPadOS

FIDO2 is the latest security process to create a strong web authentication solution. FIDO2 includes the Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) and the W3C standard WebAuthn which work together to verify the user's identity to a trusted WebAuthn remote peer. Previously, FIDO2 Keys were compatible with iOS but not with Safari. The latest iOS 13.3 has solved the issue and now, it is compatible with iOS & iPadOS.

Support for Hot Corners

Hot corner is one of the most popular features available in macOS to access specific features by clicking four corners of the macOS screen. Each corner displays different and specific features and allows users to work smoother especially when hanging around busy places. Now, the same features available on iOS and iPadOS after updating them to iOS 13.3 update. When the updated iDevice is connected to a mouse, Users can point the hot corner and launch several specific system functions such as Device locking, Muting, and opening app switcher, etc. Especially, users can run all the Siri shortcuts through the Hot corner which is useful for regular usage.

Disable Memoji or Animoji

Most Apple users love Memoji and Animoji as they can express their thoughts or experiences more natural. But, some users do not like them or need to avoid them for a specific period. Now, users can disable them via Keyboard settings after iOS 13.3 update since it provides the settings to disable them when needed.


iOS 13.3 allows users to replace the original video after trimming a video in a Photos or save it as a new clip. So, users can manage their videos efficiently.

Minor Bug Fixes and Software Improvements

Besides, these highlighted features there are some minor bug fixes and improvements on the Apple operating system which could improve the users experience, though they've been listed under the minor category

  • Grey digital crown for Watch icon
  • A new icon for AirPods Pro with in the "Find My app"
  • No New message downloading  in "Mail" issue fixed
  • Incompatibility of " Voice Memos recordings" in other audio apps is solved
  • Auto deletion of Gmail messages in Gmail account is fixed
  • Addresses the issue which caused to blur the screenshots when sent via Message
  • The cursor not responding to the long-pressed spacebar was fixed
  • Screenshots not saving to "Photos" solved
  • No Slow charging reaction for Wireless charging  after this update
  • Fixed "Turning off Darkmode" when "Smart Invert" is enabled
  • Unclear  Missed Call badge is fixed
  • No more incorrect characters displaying in Messages
  • No duplicates of sent messages in Exchange accounts
  • Fixed showing "Mobile Data Off" when the data is on 

So. here are the new features available on iOS 13.3 and it gives better user experience avoiding most of the weakness on iOS 13 and it seems that this update has more sensitive toward user experience than security.

iOS 13.3 Jailbreak Status

It's a regular incident to check out if a jailbreak is available for the update once it is released. Most of time third-party apps are more flexible and customizable than stock apps. So, all Apple users are keen on jailbreaking and jailbreak tools. On the other hand, however much,  Apple tries to become user-friendly, they cannot reach the goal since users desire and the company desire always running keeping a gap. So, the users try to fill the gap through jailbreaking and third-party apps. That's why jailbreaking plays a major role in the Apple community. Let's check out iOS 13.3 jailbreak status

iOS 13.3.1 Jailbreak

Officially, there is no public jailbreak for iOS 13.3.1 as of now. But, a hacked named @08Tc3wBB who introduces himself as "I'm introvert" has released a demonstration on jailbreaking iPhone X running iOS 13.3.1 and running Cydia giving users a positive idea of the possibility of iOS 13.3.1 jailbreak. Most probably upcoming iOS 13.3.1 jailbreak would be a semi-tethered jailbreak as there is no computer involved in the demonstration. However, no one still aware and also the developer has not given a clue about when would the public jailbreak be available.

checkra1n Jailbreak Device Compatibility

Currently, checkra1n iOS 13.3 jailbreak is available for iPhone 5s to iPhone X. Users cannot use checkra1n for iPhone XS Max, XS, XR and 2018 iPad Pro that are powered by A12 chipset and also the tool is not compatible with iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max that are powered by the A13 chipset. The tool is only compatible with macOS and not available for Windows. So, if you are not fulfilling the above requirements, you jailbreak intention is a bit farther and have to wait until you get a complete jailbreak solution

checkra1n - Tethered Jailbreak Solution

Technically, there are several jailbreak techniques to jailbreak an iDevice in which tethered jailbreak solution essentially needs a PC to work. Initially, a jailbroken device boot into its original kernel and then the kernel is exploited following kernel patching in each time the device is restarted. The same technical method is used in a tethered jailbreak but needs a PC to boot the device in to jailbreak status as it cannot boot into jailbroken status itself.

How To Jailbreak iOS 13.3 - iOS 13.3.1 With checkra1n

Note: checkra1n jailbreak tool is only compatible with iPhone X (A11 CPU) and lower devices. Also, be informed that latest checkra1n still in beta stage and need to use at your own risk

Step 01: Download checkra1n on your Mac or PC from here

Step 02: Connect your iDevice to your Mac or PC via a USB cable

Step 03: Trust the connection 

Step 04: Double-click on checkra1n.dmg 

Step 05: Drag the app  into your Applications folder

Step 06: Open the Applications folder and launch checkra1n

Step 07: Click "Start" in the jailbreak app and follow the screen instructions

Step 08: Enter recovery mode on your device (Depends on your device model)

Step 09: Next, Boot your device into DFU mode

The jailbreak process will begin once you've booted the device into DFU mode and finally, the device will boot into its normal mode. Now, launch the Checkra1n jailbreak app on your device and install Cydia to get all the benefits of jailbreak. As mentioned above, checkra1n is a  Tethered Jailbreak Solution. So, you need to connect your device to the MacOS in each time you restart the device and follow the same instructions to enable the jailbreak status again.

Final Word

iOS jailbreaking is a bit complex process and you need to be careful and informed about the process. Always, backup your device completely via iCloud to recover your data in case the process is interrupted. Generally, iCloud only backs up user data and you can only recover them. So, you need to backup SHSH blobs to restore your original firmware when needed.