iOS 16 Jailbreak

Apple unveiled iOS 16, which is powered by many upgraded features. But Apple makes it adorably difficult to jailbreak your devices with each new iOS update or iteration.

Since the beginning, Apple has worked to prevent users from jailbreaking iOS devices and they have had great success doing it. However, people have options to do it further.

We will discuss everything you should know about iOS 16 jailbreak and Cydia installation.

What is jailbreak, and what about iOS 16 Jailbreak?

Exploiting the shortcomings of the out-of-the-box device is called jailbreaking. It is comparable to rooting an Android smartphone.

If you jailbreak an iOS device, you can now download and install software that the device's creator has forbidden. You will have access to the device's root, which can also control the hardware.

Apple constantly works to make jailbreaking challenging for users because they don't want users to access the device's core. Although they regularly release security updates to make it more challenging, it is still possible to jailbreak iOS in older versions.

Can we Jailbreak iOS 16?

People are unsure if they will be able to jailbreak their devices because iOS 16 is the most recent update. And many Apple device users have already updated to the most recent version. In iOS 15 or any of the new updates to iOS 15, there have been no jailbreaks reported.

Apple has done an excellent job on protecting its iPhones from people who enjoy jailbreaking, accessing the device's root, and doing so.

There is a good chance that the Apple team will patch iOS 16 in their upcoming updates, even if someone manages to jailbreak it.

iOS 16 Jailbreak on new iPhones & old iPhones

Suppose you have an older iPhone that is compatible with iOS 14 or earlier. Chekra1n makes jailbreaking your iPhone possible. If you are using an old version, Apple cannot stop you from jailbreaking your phone.

However, jailbreak iPhone will be challenging if you have a newer iPhone, such as an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, that runs the most recent version of iOS 15 or 16.

iOS 16 Jailbreak Tools

Let's see some methods to jailbreak iOS 16 version. You can follow any of the following accurate options to iOS 16 jailbreak. This explanation will help you to keep it aside from scam jailbreak options.

Cydia Cloud - Online Jailbreak

You can jailbreak any ios version with the help of the online jailbreak tool named Cydia Cloud. So, there is an option for the iOS 16 jailbreak tool. It is not a fully functional jailbreak tool.

It means Cydia Cloud is a partial jailbreak tool that can jailbreak your iDevice using a systemless jailbreak technique.

It includes a built-in third-party app store with incredible add-ons, tweaks, games, extensions, themes, and more. By using this jailbreak tool, you can jailbreak your iPhone for iOS 16.

Most iOS experts recommend Cydia Cloud as the best and most accurate tool to jailbreak iOS. So, you can use Cydia Cloud for iOS 16 jailbreak too.

Unc0ver jailbreak

Unc0ver is the most advanced tool available from iOS 11 to iOS 14.3. Unc0ver does not currently support iOS 16 or later versions. Don't update your device to iOS 16 or higher versions if you want to jailbreak it with Unc0ver.

Keep using the current version, please. The best way to jailbreak iOS 16 and install Cydia using Unc0ver is, to do it through the U04S Store.

Checkra1n jailbreak

Checkra1n should undoubtedly work on iOS 16 Jailbreak as a semi-tethered jailbreak tool. It is the Checkm8 exploit-based jailbreak tool that is the most reliable.

There is still no sufficient official information on whether the Checkra1n tool can jailbreak iOS 16.

However, you can download and install Checkra1n to have a try on jailbreak. Cydia app also will install continuously with the Checkra1n app.


Taurine is an unbounded jailbreak tool for Procursus Bootstrap with Sileo package manager and Libhooker tweak injection platform for iOS 14-14.3. Earlier it was a semi-built jailbreak.

Now, the Taurine 1.1.5 version supports a permanent Taurine jailbreak. But it doesn't work with iOS 16 yet.


Odyssey is an online jailbreak tool named Chimera13, but now it is Odyssey. Odyssey Jailbreak still doesn't work with iOS 16. However, Odyssey works with iOS 13.5. You can download Odyssey from the Oddy store.


Fugu is a computer-based jailbreak tool. The jailbreak tool is untethered. Currently, it works with iOS 14 to iOS 14.5.1 and iOS 14.1.


Cheyote jailbreak is the new tool iPhone users will use to break IOS 16 devices. But the developers are still working on it. So you can't get to your new iPhone or iPad with iOS 16 yet.

Cydia for iOS 16

The most well-known alternative to the App Store is Cydia, which is like all other third-party iOS app stores, is only accessible on jailbroken devices. Many of the apps that are available on Cydia were rejected by the official App Store's approval process.

For instance, Apple forbids apps that use the functionality already present on the device in ways that could harm the device. It is something such as one that turns an iPhone into a kitchen scale using 3D Touch.

Apps that are unavailable on the App Store can be found on Cydia. One of its more popular features allows you to quickly access Bluetooth by turning it on or off without having to search through settings or open the iPad's control panel.

The fact that this app duplicates an existing feature prevents it from passing Apple's approval process. So, suppose you wish to run that third-party app store on your iOS 16 updated device.

In that case, you must install Cydia through a jailbreak tool mentioned earlier.

Is it possible to install Cydia for iOS 16?

For many jailbreak enthusiasts like you and me, Cydia's compatibility with that version of iOS has become a hot topic. Only an iOS 16 jailbreak allows you to install Cydia on your iOS 16 device.

Nevertheless, there is currently no way to jailbreak iOS 16. The most recent Cydia version only works with iOS 15 versions. You must therefore concentrate on the alternate methods of installing Cydia.

Cydia Cloud is the best option among those offered for installing Cydia on iOS 16. You can easily install Cydia Cloud through the Safari browser. You can use methods like checkra1n and unc0verer for the Cydia installation process for iOS 16 updated devices, if the jailbreak is support.

Install Cydia via IPA method

You can still use IPA sideloading techniques to install Cydia features on iOS and Cydia tweaks for new iOS 16 themes, Widgets, features, etc. AltStore and sideloadly, which support iOS 16, are the most widely used sideloading techniques for installing Cydia features.

The unique aspect of this is that you can use these sideload methods on both macOS and Windows.

How to Install Cydia on iOS 16 with Cydia Cloud?

Since Cydia Cloud is one of the easiest and working methods to install Cydia without jailbreaking iPhone, here we will guide you on how to get Cydia on iOS 16 without jailbreaking.

  • First things first, visit from the Safari browser on your iPhone
  • Scroll down then tap on the "Cydia Download" button. If you're on this page, tap the "Download Cydia" button below.

  • Cydia Cloud will check for device compatibility then it will show your device and iOS version.
  • Now tap on "Install Cydia" and then it will begin to install Cydia on your iPhone.
  • You're almost done. Tap on the "Add to Home Screen" button to add Cydia to your device's Home Screen.
  • It will ask you to add Cydia on Home Screen. Tap on "Allow" to give permission.
  • Now close the Safari browser and Navigate to Settings > General > Device Management.
  • There, you will see Cydia Demo, tap on it then "Install".
  • Enter your passcode then again click on "Install".
  • To finish the installation, tap on "Done" and then close Settings. Now you will see Cydia on the device's Home Screen.

Can I reverse iOS 16 Jailbreak and remove Cydia?

Unless you want a jailbroken iPhone specifically, Cydia showing up on your device has probably made you feel a little irritated. But don't worry! You can still unjailbreak your phone before you irately call the seller and demand a refund. Use the following steps if you hope to unjailbreak your iOS 16 version activated device.

By updating your software, you can unjailbreak your iDevice and get rid of Cydia from it. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to see if your phone requires an update. You'll notice it on your screen if an update is available.

Try restoring your phone to factory settings if you are unable to upgrade to a newer version of iOS. Connect your phone to your computer, then open iTunes to complete this. Select Restore iPhone after selecting your device.

iOS 16 Main Features

iOS 16 was released on the 12th of September 2022 at their September event. This entails that, you can download the operating system and test out all of its new features on a compatible iPhone. Here are 5 main features in iOS 16 that will help users for their day to day life.

Lock Screen

Users will be able to add small widgets with real-time data to their iPhone lock screen. You can easily change font, color, or placement by tapping an element on your Lock Screen.

And also, the iOS 16 update comes with many more simple but useful updates on lock screen settings.


When your phone is locked, notifications appear at the bottom of the screen. They are easy to hide if you don't want to see them.

You can also change your Focus mode by tapping and holding the lock screen. This lets you turn off selected notifications when you sleep, work, or vacation.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

You and up to five others can share a separate iCloud photo library. With Smart set up rules, you can share all of your old photos or use setup tools to share only certain images based on the date they took or the people in them.

Users can manually share photos or use smart features like a switch in the Camera, automatic sharing with Bluetooth proximity, and sharing suggestions in the "For You" section to make sharing easier.


Users can now add their medications to Apple's Health app, reminding them when it's time to take them. The iPhone Health app will also let Apple Watch owners track their sleep and heart rate.

You can also ask your loved ones and friends to share their health records safely. When they get your invitation, they can decide what information to share.


Even if you don't have an Apple Watch, you can still track and reach your fitness goals.

Using the motion sensors in iPhone, your steps, distance, and workouts from third-party apps will give you an accurate estimate of how many calories you burned to help you reach your daily Move goal.

How to Install iOS 16?

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to General > Software Update.
  3. iPhone will automatically check for updates. If the update is available for your device, it will appear on your screen.
  4. Tap upgrade to iOS 16 then select Download and Install.
  5. Follow the instructions to install iOS 16 on your iPhone.

Compatible Devices for iOS 16

Let's discover what are the compatible devices for installing and running the iOS 16 version. All of the following device lists were gathered according to Apple's official updates about iOS 16.

Compatible iPhones

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 mini
  • iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, Apple iPhone XR, iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2nd gen or later)

Compatible iPads

iPadOS 16 is applicable with iPad Pro of all iPad models, iPad Air of 3rd generation and later, 5th gen iPad and later, 5th gen iPad mini and later.

Discontinued Apple devices for updates

Apple discontinued the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and the original iPhone SE, 7th gen iPod touch with that iOS 16 update. iPad Air 2, 6th generation iPad, iPads below 5th generation and iPad mini also discontinued iOS 16 updates.

How to Install iOS 16 Beta?

You can follow these simple steps to install iOS 16 version on your Apple device. Then you can install Cydia through a trusted Jailbreak tool.

  1. On the Apple Beta Software Program page, click Sign Up, then sign up using your Apple ID.
  2. Open the Beta Software Program and log in.
  3. Press the Enroll your iOS device button. (If you registered for the beta of a previous version last year, you might need to delete the profile for that and then sign up again for the new one.)
  4. Go to on your Apple device.
  5. Download the configuration profile and install it.
  6. To enable the profile, you might need to go to Settings. Select the iOS 16 beta profile by going to General and then click on  VPN and Device Management.
  7. Then you can see the beta version in the Settings app's Software Update section.

iOS 16.0.1

This update is recommended for everyone because it fixes important bugs on iPhone, such as:

  • Fixes a problem with activation and migration when iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.
  • Photos taken with an iPhone 14 Pro Max may look fuzzy when zoomed in landscape mode.
  • Enterprise single sign-on apps might not be able to log in.

iOS 16.0.2

This update fixes bugs and adds important new security features to iPhone, such as:

  • The camera may shake when taking pictures with some third-party apps on an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, making the images blurry.
  • During device setup, the screen may be completely black.
  • When you copy and paste between apps, a permission prompt may pop up more often than expected.
  • VoiceOver might not work after a restart.
  • Fixes a problem where some iPhone X, XR, and iPhone 11 displays stopped responding to touch input after servicing.


Apple's newest software version is iOS 16. It comes with a bunch of upgraded features. It is possible to do an iOS 16 jailbreak with the support of trusted jailbreaking tools. Checkra1n, Unc0ver and Cydia Cloud tools can be mentioned as the most trusted tools to do that.

So, keep away from scam tools. Once you jailbreak your Apple device, you can install the Cydia app store to your iOS 16 running device.