What exactly is Sileo that is so prevalent among humans today? Sileo is an advanced Cydia replacement package manager for modern iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It is specially built using Swift. This is designed to be faster, more customer-friendly, and smoother.

In another word, Sileo is a new jailbreak software store for iOS users that provides the greatest value for any jailbreak adjustments you've made. Team Electra is working on a project called Sileo App Store as a Cydia replacement. As a result, this bridges the gap left by Cydia in terms of firmware updates.

So there's no need to wait for Cydia because Sileo App is currently the greatest option for jailbroken iOS. Sileo offers up compatibility targeting all 64-bit devices for iOS 11 and later.  It's also a great substitute for Cydia, with plenty of surprises in store for jailbreak lovers. 

Sileo is installed automatically with the Electra, Taurine, Cydia Cloud, and Chimera jailbreak applications. 

How to Install Sileo on iPhone or iPad? 

The new 'repo-obscure' feature is instantaneously refreshed when sources are refreshed. In addition, the developer has concentrated on the application's user interface. Sileo has a fantastic user interface that makes it a pleasure to use. If you don't have a jailbreak, you'll need to use Cydia Impactor to load the Sileo IPA file onto your iPhone or iPad as a non-jailbreak user. 

However, this is a time-consuming procedure that necessitates the use of a Windows PC or MAC  computer. The methods to download and install Sileo on undamaged iPhones and iPads from Apple are described in the section below. Sileo may be installed straight on your compatible  Apple device without the need for a computer. Here's a wonderful resource: 

Install Sileo using Cydia

Step 01: Go to the "Sources" tab in Cydia Package Manager. Then, in the upper right corner, look for the blue "Edit" button. 

Step 02: After clicking "Edit," a blue "Add" button will appear in the upper left corner. Select Edit. 

Step 03: When you click Edit, a box will appear, where you may type repo.sileoteam.apps and then click the "Add Source" option.

Step 04: Go to the Changes tab when the repository has loaded and look for a new package called  Sileo Prep (checkra1n). 

Step 05: On the top right, tap Sileo Prep (checkra1n) then Install, then Confirm. Allow the installation to finish and then touch "Return to Cydia" to return to Cydia. 

Step 06: Select "Upgrade Essentials" from the drop-down menu. Sileo will appear on your home screen once you've updated. 

Cydia Cloud Online Method 

Step 01: Download and install one of the app stores listed below on your smartphone. Cydia Cloud is used to download Chimera. 

Step 02: From the downloaded app store, you may download the Chimera jailbreak online app.  It is available for download. 

Step 3: First and foremost, trust the Chimera developer profile. It's possible to trust it by going to Settings — > General — > Profile.

Step 04: Open the Chimera jailbreak application — > Wait until the jailbreak procedure is complete before tapping the jailbreak button.

Step 05: Sileo is now available once the jailbreak procedure has checked your device's home screen. Sileo App Manager is now available to install jailbreak modifications on your smartphone. 

Download Sileo using PC

Step 01: Click the following buttons to get Chimera IPA and the Cydia Impactor utility. Make sure you get Cydia Impactor for your computer's operating system. 

Step 02: Connect the computer to the gadget. 

Step 03: Launch the Cydia Impactor application. Drag and drop the Chimera IPA file into it. Enter your Apple ID and password. 

Step 04: Check the device's Homescreen. The Chimera app is now available for download. 

Step 05 - Before you begin, have faith in the Chimera developer. Do not put your trust in Settings —> General —> Profile.

Step 06: Open the Chimera application. After the Chimera jailbreak, it will install the Sileo app manager. Sileo now allows you to install jailbroken app modifications.

Sileo App Features

Sileo version 0.7b2 included several new features as well as fixing certain issues. This version adds complete support for 3D Touch gestures on the home screen and in the app, allowing you to access shortcuts and look within the app.

This resolved a problem that might have resulted in the Sileo app crashing. Furthermore, the Respring button now functions better. Sileo is now one of Electra's default package managers. So, whether you go with Sileo or Cydia is entirely up to you.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Sileo 

  • Sileo does not require any additional settings for any Cydia repository; it is compatible with all repositories. Because the interfaces are comparable to Cydia, adding modifications is simple.
  • Tweak creators can easily organize their products in the jailbroken shop.
  • Sileo will immediately filter out any modifications that aren't compatible with iOS 11.0 or later. 
  • The user interface is simple and straightforward. Even faster than Cydia, this is the quickest unofficial third-party app marketplace.
  • Those who want to buy Cydia items may still do so without any problems.  
  • Sileo can't be used as a jailbreak app store for devices that haven't been jailbroken since iOS 11.0
  • It's a 64-bit app store with a restricted selection of apps. 
  • The removal of unsupported modifications may create issues for testers and developers.

Cydia or Sileo: Which is better? 

Sileo is a better option than Cydia because Cydia's founder, Saurik, has long abandoned the project. The Cydia app has not received an upgrade, making its code sluggish and incompatible with newer iOS versions.

Sileo Changelogs

Sileo v1.5.1
  • Bug fixes of a minor nature.
  • Adds third-party analytics frameworks that are industry-standard.
Sileo v1.5.0
  • This version is faster than earlier ones. 
  • Support for iOS 13 has been added. 
  • A completely new dark mode has been added. 

Sileo's Arrival

Saurik is the main star of Cydia, which was launched 15 years ago. However, as you may have observed, Saurik has been completely silent for some time now, and the latest jailbreak developers don't have the time to wait for Saurik to update Cydia to the most recent version. 

As a result, they developed their own version of Cydia, known as Sileo. When compared to Cydia,  Sileo is considerably quicker, and all credit for this goes to the Electra Jailbreak Team and more since they have built such an amazing package. It is intended for use with 64-bit command-line tools and libraries. 

However, this is only compatible with iOS 11 and not with previous versions of iOS, such as iOS 10.

Why was Sileo introduced in the first place? 

It's a good package manager, and we learned a lot more when testing the new jailbreak store, such as:

Each Cydia repo is pre-configured for the third-party app store, so there's no need to tinker. The developers, as well as the apps in this jailbroken store, may simply make changes.

Any changes that don't function with iOS 11 or above are deleted right away, guaranteeing that you only receive the ones that do.

  • User-friendly 
  • Cydia is faster. 
  • Purchases on Cydia are also now possible. 

Sileo, on the other hand, will be well-suited for iOS 11 and higher, but not so much for versions below iOS 11. Cydia may be used without issue on iOS versions prior to 11. Sileo will no longer be compatible with 32-bit devices in the future.

How to Delete Sileo

Sileo may be easily removed. To remove Sileo from your iPhone, follow the steps outlined below.

Remove Sileo with Succession

Step 01: Open Sileo and go to the Sources tab. 

Step 02: Then go to Edit > Add and type in as the repository URL.

Step 03: Wait for it to be installed by tapping Add Source. Go to the search section on the and type Succession then Install Succession tweak.

Step 04: Now the succession app will display on the home screen. 

Step 05: Tap on "Download Clean Filesystem" then wait for a few seconds till the IPSW file download.

Step 06: Once the download is completed, tap on Prepare for Restore then tap on Erase iPhone.

Use iTunes to restore your iPhone or iPad. 

Step 01: Make sure your device's iTunes is up to date. 

Step 02: Before you begin, make a backup of your data. 

Step 03: Disable your passcode, Touch ID (if it's enabled), and other security features. Where can  I find my iPhone/iPad? 

Step 04: Open iTunes. Connect your device and, if prompted, enter your passcode. 

Step 05: When the Trust box appears, select Yes. This notice appears on the computer.