iPhone 11 Jailbreak

Apple always brings innovative products. The newest addition to the Apple family is iPhone 11 series. Three versions of new iPhone models came out and they are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Apple has significantly improved many key features and options in this new iPhone series. Longer Battery life, faster performance with A13 Bionic processor, Three Cameras on iPhone Pro version and Two cameras on iPhone 11 to improve picture quality and standards are some of the key features comes with iPhone 11 series. And there are many more features coming up with this new series. So let's dig into this new iPhone series features and options.

Cydia Cloud for iPhone 11

Along with this new release you can see iPhone 11 compatible Apps and Tweaks. iOS 13 is coming for this device and you can see many more advanced featured apps with iPhone 11. If you are a person who seek for much more advanced features and options you can get those options with third-party external apps.

What are third-party External Apps?

There are some limitations coming with iPhone stock devices. You only can install apps through its regular App Store. But you can have limited features with regular apps. If you want much more advanced features and if you want to customize your new iPhone according to your preferences, Then you need to have advanced fully featured third-party apps and jailbreak apps on your new iPhone. So then you need to get third-party app store to download and install third-party apps.

Cydia Cloud is now compatible with iPhone 11 series. If you have a new iPhone series, you can download Cydia App into your device. Cydia is the most popular third-party app store for apple devices. Cydia was developed by tech genius Saurik, also known as Jay Freeman. From Cydia Cloud you can have iPhone 11 compatible Cydia App.

This Cydia app is compatible with new A13 chipset and iOS 13. Therefore you won’t have any compatibility issues. And also Cydia Cloud has many third-party apps and tweaks that compatible all versions of iDevices.

How to Install Cydia on iPhone 11

  1. Go to www.cydiacloud.com using Safari web browser and tap on the “Download” button.

  2. Then click “Install Cydia” button.

  3. Now you can see compatibility and installation process.

  4. After then you can see Finish setup screen. Click on “Add to Home Screen” button.

  5. Now you can see “Profile Downloaded, Review the Profile in Settings App” Message, Tap on close button.

  6. Cydia Cloud will be downloaded and installed to your profile settings not.

  7. Go to your device “Settings” App. There you can see “Profile Downloaded” section. Now tap on that section.

  8. Now you can see Cydia Cloud App, Tap on “Install” button on the top right of the screen. And if needed system will ask to enter your passcode. Enter the passcode.

  9. Now you can see Final installation screen. Click on “Install” button and then click “Done”

iPhone 11 Jailbreak Approaches

You might already know about jailbreaking process. Normally Apple has imposed some limitations in their devices. So stock apps can not have full access of the device. So with jailbreaking process you can override these restrictions and install advanced featured jailbreak apps to your device.

iPhone 11 is comes with iOS 13 and A13 Bionic chipset. Jailbreak tool developers are always developing jailbreak tools for latest apple devices and operating systems. Pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak and Electra team’s Chimera jailbreak are the most popular jailbreaks. Here are the most recent jailbreak updates regarding iPhone 11 jailbreak.

iPhone 11 Jailbreak with Unc0ver

Pwn20wnd is the developer behind unc0ver jailbreak. Pwn20wnd has published the latest jailbreak which is unc0ver 3.6.x consist of jailbreak patches for full-fledged A12-A12X based device support. Pwn20wnd is always developing new features and patches for unc0ver jailbreak and soon we can get A13 Chipset compatible unc0ver jailbreak. With unc0ver jailbreak you can get many amazing jailbreak apps with Cydia.

iPhone 11 Jailbreak with Chimera

Coolstar led electra team is always giving the best jailbreak updates and patches which are compatible with the latest apple devices and iOS versions. Electra team has published A12X chipset supported Chimera jailbreak 1.3.8 recently. And we can expect chimera for iPhone 11 jailbreak very soon.

Features and Options coming with iPhone 11 Series

New Triple and Double Camera option

The new iPhone comes with wide-angle photography feature. This iPhone is coming with an ultrawide wide-angle camera that will combine with its regular camera and provides high-quality wide range picture taking capability for iPhone 11 users.

Another specialty in iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max series is that now you can take high quality photos in low lighting location location as well. Because the iPhone has improved lens aperture for better low light performance. For this feature these devices are coming with telephoto lens. iPhone 11 Pro series give its users who loves photography much more photographic flexibility with its third camera.

There are many options coming for landscape photographers as well. With multiple cameras they can capture photos with high resolution and high details. Apple has upgraded this series camera software and named it as ‘Deep Fusion’. This new software will combine multiple shots into one image to reduce noise and to improve sharpness in photos.

Cameras coming for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Ultra Wide Camera - 13mm focal length, f/2.4 aperture, 5-Elements Lens, 120 degrees field of view, 4x more scene, 12MP sensor.

  • Wide Camera - 26mm focal length , f/1.8 aperture, 6-Elements lens, Optical Image stabilization, 100% focus pixels, New 12MP sensor.

  • Telephoto Camera - 52mm focal length, Larger f/2.0 aperture, 6-Elements lens, Optical Image stabilization, 2x optical zoom, 12MP sensor.

Altogether you can experience 40% more light capture, 30% brighter true tone flash with slow sync, Zero shutter lag, 6 lighting effects, 2x more heights for panoramas, optical image stabilization with iPhone 11 camera.

Performance and Speed

As mentioned iPhone 11 is coming with A13 Bionic Chipset. This A13 Bionic Chipset will boost its performance by 20% compared to its predecessor iPhone X series. iPhone X series came with A12 Bionic Chipset. A13 Bionic chipset consists of 8.6 billion transistors.

Apple always design chips by themselves to ensure sustained performances over their competitors. With their design apple always prioritize to offer best power consumption, high-speed cache memory, best Artificial Intelligence features and the best graphics.

  • There are 2 CPUs coming with A13 Bionic chip and these CPUs performance cores are 20% faster than earlier and consume 40% less power than earlier.
  • 64-bit fusion, performance cores process complex tasks faster than earlier. So there will be power save coming with this faster process.
  • iPhone 11 A13 Bionic chip is coming with much faster GPU and this new GPU will be 20% faster than its predecessor. And specially this GPU will consume 30% less power than earlier.
  • Neural Engine which is the foundation of triple camera system, Face ID, AR Apps and many other options, is now 20% faster and consume 15% less power.

  • New CPU has 2 new machine learning accelerators which will use to run matrix math computations 6x faster. This will allow the CPU to process more than one million operations per second.

  • Core ML3 is coming with A13 Bionic chipset to redirect tasks to CPU, GPU or Neural Engine.

Other features

When comparing with earlier series, you can experience upto 4 hours more battery life with iPhone 11 and upto 5 hours more battery life with iPhone 11 Pro. And also you can have 50% charge within 30 minutes with fast charge.

iPhone 11 is water resistant to a depth of 4 meters and upto 30 minutes. And it has spill and dust resistant capabilities.

FaceID is 30% faster than earlier with iPhone 11 series and these devices are capable of recognizing FaceID with more angles.

There are many more features and options coming with new iPhone series. You can get this latest legendary series and experience all the known, unknown features.

Other iPhone 11 Jailbreak Approaches

There are many other jailbreak tools available for apple devices. One of them is Pangu Jailbreak.

  • Pangu Jailbreak team will also update their jailbreak tools to be compatible with iPhone 11 jailbreak. There are apple users still looking for this pangu jailbreak tool.
  • Keenlab is a security research team consist of device security specialists. Keenlab is the first team who has jailbroken most of the latest iOS versions and apple devices. But their jailbreaking tool is not available for jailbreak community. They are jailbreaking the latest iOS versions and devices, then they are installing Cydia App to the jailbroken device. So we can assume that Keenlab will publish iPhone 11 jailbreak demo really soon before Pwn20wnd and Electra team.

  • PP Jailbreaking is another commonly used jailbreaking tool developed by a chinese team. This team is also following up with apple device jailbreaking and they might also publish iPhone 11 jailbreak tool.

iPhone 11 series will be a turning point in mobile devices domain. So you can also get this awesome latest iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max device.